A-Frames, also known as Sandwich Boards are one of the most popular forms of advertisement for shops. When placed outside the shop, it is a great way to direct customers on the street to your business, or to promote your current special offers. For example, if your shop entrance is on street level but your actual store is located upstairs, you may benefit from using an A-frame.

We do both the laminated colourbond double-sided print, and the double-sided corflute inserted A-frames.

Colourbond A-Frame

This is a permanent type of A-Frame. Once printed, the boards are attached to the frame and cannot be substituted. It is durable and attractive.

Full colour, eye catching Colourbond A-Frames (600mm X 900mm) $249
Price includes:

  • Double-sided print
  • Sturdy frame with top handle for easy carrying
  • Laminated for UV protection
  • Basic artwork provided
  • Outdoor suitability

Corflute insert A-Frame

This is a flexible and practical type of a-frame, where corflutes are inserted into the metal frames and can be substituted whenever you like. This is especially useful if you have rotating special offers or a flexible type of business.

Full colour (600mm X 900mm) $239
Price includes:

  • Full colour on both corflutes
  • Sturdy frame suitable for outdoor usage
  • Laminated for UV protection
  • Basic artwork provided
  • Extra corflutes can be ordered at an additional price

Alum panel signs

Also known as aluminium composite panel signs, these signs are used mainly in outdoor settings. They are thicker than colourbond and are a more attractive shop front sign, though they can be used for any kind of signage such as safety warnings and directional signs. We make these signs to your specifications.

Please note: Shop front signage available to Brisbane only. Safety signs and other small signs are available to all states.

Full colour prints
Laminated for UV protection
Made to your specification

This is an example of a common way to make use of AlumPanel for shop signage. The sign is printed and UV laminated and mounted onto the Aluminium Composite Panel.

For large signs, the standard size is 1200mm x 2400mm. For signs larger than the standard signs, they will be printed in parts and joined together.

More samples

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are great for a professional setting such as an office, as it gives a glass overlay appearance, creating a premium feel.

Standard size is 1200mm x 600mm x 6mm
$450 + GST each
Price includes

  • Acrylic overlay
  • 6 aluminium standouts (3 on top and 3 on bottom)
  • Unlimited colour printing
  • Free basic artwork

Examples of acrylic signs

Business acrylic signUniversity acrylic signUniversity acrylic signLaw firm acrylic signClub acrylic sign

Colourbond Signs

Colourbond is mainly used for outdoor signage because of its UV durability. It of course is not only limited to outdoor use. We also use colourbond for a-frames.

Full Colour Prints
Laminated for UV protection
Made to your specification

Please Note:
Shop front signage available to Brisbane only. Safety signs and other small signs available for All States.

Safety Signs

Colourbond safety signs are one of our popular items. We often print for industrial buildings and factories. They are suitable for indoor and outdoors and are custom sized to your requirements.

Corflute Signs

Corflute signs can be used indoors or outdoors. They are versatile and suitable as temporary signage. Being lightweight, they are easy to install and transport. Corflutes are commonly used as property and small business signs, and also suitable for factories and construction sites as temporary directional or warning signs.They will last about 3 months outdoors. It is best to secure corflutes to walls or posts with nails, or in an a-frame to avoid damage from weather conditions.
Standard sizes are 600mm x 900mm, and 900mm x 1200mm

Full colour prints
Mounted on 5mm corflute
Custom Sizes available
Free basic artwork provided

Promotional Signs

Corflutes are a great option to use as temporary promotional signage. As they are lightweight and are low cost, you may find it effective to use it for monthly or seasonal promotions.

Custom sizing

The corflutes can be printed to fit a certain display area, and multiple prints may be ordered. There are no set up fees, and images and unlimited colours can be used.

Realty Signs

Corflute is the preferred material for realty signs as they are only used for the duration of the sale of the property. They are economical, easy to transport and put up.

We do property signs for private sales, and for real estate agents who need a professional looking sign outside the property. Artwork is free of charge.

Custom Signs

If you have an idea for a sign that does not fit the description of our other products, please contact us and we will see if the materials and resources that we have can meet your requirements.
The example below shows an acrylic lightbox sign that we did for one of our clients. The acrylic lettering is mounted onto the lightbox so that the lettering can be seen at night. We also did matching acrylic cutout lettering for the reception area.

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs are a great way to promote your business on your vehicle. You can have them on during business hours and remove them at night when using the car privately. With Digital Printing, magnetic signs are now in full colour and can reflect your company’s colour scheme and image.

Standard Size – 600mm x 300mm ( custom sizes available )
$139.00 a pair ( inc gst )

Full colour printed on 5 yr outdoor rated vinyl
Laminated for UV protection
Mounted on USA made magnets
Free basic artwork provided

If your vehicle is working for 2 separate companies, then magnetic signs will be the most flexible form of promotion. As you can change the signs as and when it is necessary.



Digital printing is a great way to turn photos or graphic creations into posters. We print our posters on gloss or matte poster paper depending on the finish you desire.
Please note: Laminate and poster framing not included.600mm x 900mm – $35.00 + gst
900mm x 1200mm – $66.00 + gst

Outdoor posters – Matt latex paper / tearproof / waterproof
Indoor posters – Gloss poster paper
Custom size available – price depends on poster size.
Rolled up and delivered in tube Australia wide.

Please contact us to order, and let us know the size you require, along with an attachment of your image or design. The photo you provide will need to be of high resolution to ensure a good quality image when enlarged. Small photos and photos taken by mobile phone will not meet the required resolution.

More samples

Product Labels

Product labels would suit businesses or individuals who need sticker labels in quantities. Labels come in sheets, contour cut and ready to use. We can print custom sized stickers.Our small quantity orders are cost effective for trialing labels or stickers, handmade products where you may only have a few products of one type, small events, and so on. Some printers require a large minimum print quantity which may be unsuitable for your situation. There are no set up charges, and you can re-print at any time.

Full colour
No extra charges on design changes on every run
Flexible quantity on orders

Real Estate Signs / Corflute Signs

Property Signs for Owner Sellers

This is one of our most popular items. We provide the service of printing one off professional realty signs for private sellers, with basic artwork. We deliver these signs Australia Wide.

Sellers email the images they would like on the sign, along with their property description. You may or may not want to include an image. However, the standard price applies. We will prepare the basic layout and await your approval before printing.

600mm x 900mm – $ 60.00 + delivery
900mm x 1200mm – $120.00 + delivery
prices inc gst

Free basic layout artwork
Full colour print mounted on 5mm Corflute
Ready to use – just screw onto wooden stake
Laminated for UV protection

Real Estate Signs for Agencies

The professional quality of Bling Imaging’s realty signs make them a popular product with Real Estate agents. We print in small quantities, and in bulk – please contact us for a quote.

Benefits of printing your signs with Bling Imaging:

– No set up charges and you can print as few as 4 signs at a time.
– You can change your design on every re-print without incurring any charges.
– Very cost effective if you are a small agency and don’t want to print large quantities.
– You can print for different agents in your company
– Attractive and in full colour

Full Colour Prints on 5mm corflutes
Standard sizes:
600mm x 900mm
900mm x 1200mm

Retail Point of Sale Displays

Point of Sale Signs

Point of sale signs are an important in-store marketing medium for retail stores. They are used to create awareness of new products, prices, sales, and so on. Our most popular products with retailers are corflutes, posters and window decals.

Our signs are fully customizable – you can add your brand, images, and use text and colours of your choice. Please contact us with your specifications for quotes. There are no set up costs or minimum print quantities.

Retail Posters

Display posters turn your walls and windows into a visual advertising medium. Not only are they attractive, they can help by-passers learn more about your brand and business. With vivid images, posters can make a big impact on your store’s appearance.

Standard sizes:
600mm x 900mm – $35.00 + gst
900mm x 1200mm – $65.00 + gst
Matte Paper for Indoors and Outdoors / tearproof/waterproof
Gloss Paper for Indoors
Custom sizes accepted
Free basic artwork provided

More Samples

Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners are great for displays at trade shows, retail services, in educational institutes where a temporary, yet professional sign is needed. Retractable banners have a premium appearance. They are well suited for compact space, and for content with a real focus or with short lists.

The combination of images and text in a vertical format make this sign visually attractive. These banners are very versatile, lightweight and portable. Another benefit of using a retractable banner is that it can be taken out of the frame and replaced at your own convenience.

Economy Model 850mm x 2000mm $180.00 + gst Special on now
Deluxe Model 1000mm x 2200mm $340.00 + gst

Full Colour Print
Stand and Carry Bag included
Free Basic Artwork provided




Full Colour Vinyl Stickers are a great medium for product labels and branding. Of course, there’s also many other creative uses for them that some of our clients have requested, such as:

– Promotions stickers for trade shows and events
– Club and team stickers
– Postage stickers
– Warning stickers
– Warranty stickers
– Warehousing stickers
– Bumper stickers

We have listed a few of the standard sizes below that we often print, but you are welcome to order custom sizes.

Standard Sizes and Prices inc gst
25mm x 50mm $139.00
40mm x 40mm $159.00
40mm x 50mm $169.00
50mm x 90mm $350.00
50mm x 150mm $580.00

We can do bulk orders as well as small runs so let us know your requirements.

vinyl-sticker vinyl-sticker vinyl-sticker
Full Colour at highly competitive prices
Contour cut to shape at no extra cost
Comes ready to peel in sheets
Free basic layout artwork

Decals for Windows and Vehicles

Window decals

Window Decals are a popular display option for shops as they draw alot of customers into the store. We can print small or large decals all custom sized to your requirements. They are all ready to use and you can DIY them onto your windows.

There are 2 types of window decals:
1. They are stuck on from the inside – reverse print
2. They are stuck on from the outside.

Window decals are applied as a large sticker, or it can be cut into sticky vinyl lettering as shown below. They both can be DIY and instructions will be supplied. If you are in Brisbane, we can install them for you if you are not keen on DIY.


Vehicle decals

Vehicle stickers and decals are very image oriented to capture attention on the road. You can order custom sizes to suit where you want to fit it on your vehicle. As with window decals, they also come in printed large stickers or as cut vinyl letterings.
Please note:
We do not install vehicle decals, these are DIY only. Instructions will be supplied.


More samples

window-decal window-decal window-decal

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners are a great and fun way to create awareness of your business or event outdoors. With full colour outdoor banners, you can make a visual impact.

Banners are often used for store openings, sales, special events, concerts, parties and special occasions.

Price includes:

  • Full colour digital print
  • Heavy duty vinyl
  • Finished with ropes and eyelets – ready to hang
  • Gloss laminate for better UV protection
  • Free basic artwork
Standard sizes
  • 700mm x 1200mm – $89.00
  • 1000mm x 1500mm – $130.00
  • 1000mm x 2000mm – $170.00
  • 1200mm x 2500mm – $220.00
  • 1200mm x 3000mm – $249.00

Examples of outdoor banners

Shopfront Banners

Outdoor banners used for shopfront advertising. The banner shown here are mounted on tracks. Banners are flexible as they can be replaced easily when there are new promotions.

Outdoor banner

Announcement Banners

Banners can be bold and colour to draw in attention. We offer unlimited colours and images on your banner at no extra cost.

Cafe outdoor banner

Cafe Banners

Cafe banners are one of our popular banner products. Our clients use them to hang outside their cafes, or on cafe barriers. We can print these custom size to suit your requirements.

Outdoor banner

Promotional Banners

Banners are often hung on fences, posts and walls around a business premises. Our banners come ready to hang with eyelets and ropes. You may request to have it finished in a different way, such as with tracking, just eyelets, or even without any finishing.